Twchat Review

Twchat Review 2022

Twchat is the latest and greatest social media app that lets you talk to your friends, family, and other people in your vicinity in real-time. Here’s my honest review of the app.

Twitter Chats are a popular way of communicating and engaging with audiences. Big organisations, as well as social media marketing agencies, make use of Twitter chats as a way to put their point forward – be it an opinion about something that is trending, or information about something, or merely a product launch announcement. 

Twchat Review

TwChat is a Twitter Chat tool. 

Twitter chats are maintained using a common hashtag on the Twitter app. A bunch of tweets and posts get categorised into what one can call a ‘conversation’ in real-time, as facilitated by a hashtag. If the hashtag begins to trend, the wider their reach.

Twchat Review

So for a successful marketing effort that uses Twitter as its platform, it is essential that more and more people talk about what you want them to talk about, and it is even more essential that they use the relevant hashtag. 

Now, all of this sounds pretty straightforward. So where does TwChat come in here? 

About The Tool

TwChat is primarily an organisational tool. While hashtags seem to be a simple enough solution to filter out irrelevant posts, to keep the relevant conversation going, there are several issues that it poses. 

The first and foremost is the fact that Twitter feeds are extremely fluid. Conversations on multiple topics occur at the same time, and similar conversations have similar hashtags which muddle up the flow.

So when you do click on the hashtag of a specific conversation, there is a good chance you fall into a whole new rabbit hole. 

While the audience wouldn’t particularly mind that, if you are a marketing agency or an influencer looking to spearhead a conversation, you will definitely mind it. 

TwChat helps you monitor hashtags, and create a chatroom that is neat, clear, and organised. Further, you can also stay updated with new messages in the chat, and ultimately have control over the conversation. 

This ensures that your marketing stunt goes as planned, by reaching the right people, and by reaching as many people as possible. 

What is TwChat? 

  • Organisation tool that filters tweets and conversations to suit your needs
  • Best for marketing and ad agencies that spend hours categorising and creating social media content
  • Allows you to monitor hashtags and threads
  • Stay up to date with trends 
  • Also, stay informed about your performance on Twitter 

Features Of Twchat

TwChat comes with a host of features that make it stand out as opposed to other Twitter software. What TwChat focuses on, unlike other similar portals, is control.

It allows you to filter responses so that you can segregate the retweets from the replies, categorise messages and replies which are specific questions, and view tweets that you are mentioned in, without the hassle of going through them yourself. 

Through TwChat, you can even control your profile directly through the dashboard. This also means that you can view all activity on your account, right from new and existing followers, retweets, likes, comments, replies, and so on.

Twitter Twchat Review

This means that you can just stay on the chat and go on about your engagement tasks without ever leaving it. 

Making connections or even checking out similar content has never been this convenient! 

But here is the piece de resistance of TwChat – the auto hashtag. A lot of the time, it slips our minds to use the relevant hashtag, primarily because Twitter as a platform thrives on succinct messages which are conveyed under a character limit.

But we must not forget that Twitter as a platform also thrives on Twitter threads and conversations on similar topics to really bring home the community-building aspect. And to stay on the same page (aka conversation or thread), you need to use the official hashtag. 

TwChat makes your life much easier in this aspect but automatically adding the hashtag for you. So unless you disable this feature, every tweet you post goes out with the hashtag that you were supposed to use, to be a part of that conversation. 

And the absolute best part is that TwChat is free to use.

Features (a summary)

  • Filter, organise and segregate tweets, responses and retweets
  • Profile-control directly through the dashboard
  • Perform all Twitter functions via TwChat, you do not need to go to the social media app
  • Automatically adds the concerned hashtag so you never miss a tweet in the conversation 
  • Free to use

The Mentors Column

The Mentor’s Column on TwChat is a lifesaver, in terms of being informed about trends, viral hashtags, and popular Twitter threads. It is also a great tool that makes identifying the validity and legitimacy of Twitter users more realistic. 

The Mentors Column is a section on TwChat that filters and shows you tweets from the most trending user on the topic, from the moderator of the conversation and the runner of the hashtag.

So you can see if any special guest or blue tick user contributed to the conversation and really use it to your advantage by further engaging with them. 

It also makes life easier by giving you updates about official announcements by brands and organisations. 

  • Shows you the tweet or tweets by the moderator of the conversation
  • Easier to spot a special guest or a famous personality in the conversation
  • Updates about official announcements 

Need Of The Hour – Setting up Interview with Influencers 

There are multiple forms and formats of engagement that one could initiate, for the purpose of engagement and information dispersion. 

Apart from Twitter threads and hashtag engagements, an interesting and effective way is to conduct a Twitter interview, which is sort of an amalgamation of both formats, but with a higher engagement level.

It puts your brand or organisation at the centre of the conversation, while also having the special factor of having a special guest on board, who attests and validates your values and opinions. 

A Twitter interview is first, hashtag driven. By using hashtags that are relevant to the topic as well as the influencer, you will be able to attract audiences that fall under the niche yet expansive Venn diagram of the two audiences. 

You can easily set up a Twitter interview using TwChat, and there are multiple approaches to this effort that you can tailor to suit your needs and audiences. 

A step that must be taken before any other, however, is to create a separate website, especially if you planning on using the interview to launch a new product, program or rebranded feature. 

This website would be accessible to your audiences as well as that of the influencer, and should be designed in such a way that reflects both your identities. 

Next, you can take the following steps-

  • Identify the influencer and the relevant topic. Try to pick a topic that the influencer specializes in as well, and can contribute to, intellectually. Make sure you don’t have a big name who endorses beauty products for a sports event, or vice versa. Stunts like these work out, but when they do, they come as a pleasant surprise. 
  • Set a day and time. Make sure you mention the day and time in every third tweet leading upto the event. 
  • Find the right hashtag. This is very important as the hashtag has to be unique, and at the same time, easy to remember. 
  • Add a room on TwChat and make sure you send your official guidelines to the participant/interviewee. This would avoid slurs and objectionable opinions from filtering into the interview. 
  • Add mentors who can moderate and take the conversation forward effortlessly. This is very important as it is the mentors who will be spearheading the flow of the conversation, at the end of the day. So pick smartly and wisely. 
  • Wrap up and summarise the Interview and post it on your blog. This could be shared across your social media platforms, as well as on the influencer’s social media accounts. 

You can set up an entire interview through TwChats, following a few easy steps. 


What Users Are Saying

TwChat is what social media aficionados call ‘a classic’. The website is plain in the way it looks but plain in the way that is simple, neat and organized.

It offers featured that one can term as the bare minimum, barring a few features which indubitably stand out as compared to other Twitter tools. 

TwChat is ideal for those who are just starting out, are looking to elevate their Twitter chats and engagement to the next level.

It is easy to understand and navigate, and all you have to do js log in through your Twitter account and get started. Setting up, again, is effortless and the website takes little time to get used to. 

The verdict

  • TwChat has basic features and is ideal for beginners. Twitter experts might have to pick a more recently developed Twitter tool to perform additional tasks.
  • The website is quite banal, but can be argued to be ‘clean’. 
  • Popular features include auto-hashtag, mentors column and setting up an influencer interview with ease.
  • Can be used as a Twitter organization tool by all, especially individuals and influencers who work with a team of under 3.

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