Travel Agency Name Ideas 2022

You have deep love and passion for travelling. You believe in everlasting travelling and nothing can stop you from that. You decided to open a business which caters to Traveler’s and aims to attract travelers from all over the world.

A travel agency caters to everything that a traveller requires; starting from booking the travel tickets, to helping you book the place for stay and also plan the day to day activities.

Naming a travel agency is a task as there are so many travelling Agencies and the tourism business is always competitive, in terms of pricing and also hosting. The challenge lies in coming up with a unique and creative travel name which will attract the right set of Travellers depending on the target audience.

Travelling escapes is for people who love to explore travelling in terms of letting the heart flow ie not everything is according to the plan while some like travelling with fixed agendas.

The trick is to be able to make an association of your enthusiasm for the travel business and co-relate it with the name of your company or anything which is a personal motivator

Travel agency name ideas

Catchy travel agency name ideas

So here’s the catch, to come up with a catchy name for your travelling agency is a task of course because there are so many Agencies that have come over the years.

The challenge is also what different are you offering not only in terms of name but also in terms of packages.

Catchy travelling names help to attract a lot of Travellers who are looking for something fun and creative; catchy travel agency names always attract this set of travellers.

What we have done is curate a list for you with catchy travel agency name ideas you can go through the list of names and come up with a unique name for your travel agency.

  • Let’s Travel
  • The Travel Agency
  • Travellers Co.
  • Let’s Go, Travellers,
  • The Hustlers Traveling Agency
  • Go Beyond! Travelling Agency
  • Outlook Travels
  • The Bishop Travels
  • Green Go Travelers
  • Horn Ok Please Travelers
  • Inspiring Travels
  • Go To Travels
  • Relax And Enjoy Travels
  • Get Ready! Travellers
  • Adventure Junkies
  • Adventure Tour Travel Agency
  • Feel Good Travels
  • We Travel Travel Agency
  • Look Up Travelers
  • Inspec Travelling
  • Full Time Traveling
  • Life Goes On And On Traveling
  • Travel Era
  • First Time Traveling Agency
  • Carry Home Memories Traveling Agency
  • On That Travel Mode Travels
  • Travel Mode Always
  • It’s Fun Traveling Agency
  • On Its Way Traveling
  • Time Now Travel Agency
  • We Travel Together
  • Home Travellers
  • Go Green Travel Agency
  • Eco-Friendly Travel Agency
  • Pack Your Bags Traveling
  • Sleep Walking Travel Agency
  • Uc Travel Agency
  • World Travel Mode
  • Gravel Travelers
  • Goat Travel Agency
  • Scoop On Travel Agency
  • Travelling Bite
  • The Travel Byte
  • Traveling Always Agency
  • Enchanted Traveling
  • The Big Man’s Travel Agency
  • Delux Globe Travel
  • Fetch Travel Agency
  • Voldemort Travel Agency
  • Harry Potter Seasonal Travel Agency
  • Fantasy Dream Travelers
  • Cave Man Tours And Travels
  • Gelato Tours And Travels
  • Time Machine Traveling Agency
  • Take Me Back! Traveling Agency
  • Home Travel Gate Away
  • Destiny Travel Get Away
  • Hide Mode Travel Agency
  • Bring Love Traveling Agency
  • Grey Travel Agency
  • Highlights Travel Agency
  • Heated Up Travel Agency
  • The Cool Breeze Travel Agency
  • Cool Kids Traveling Agency
  • Fire Me! Travel Agency
  • Bag Packs Travel Agency Co.
  • 123…Let’s Travel!
  • Pick Me! Travel Agency
  • Big Bags Traveling Agency
  • Small Bags Big Memories, Tours And Travels
  • Arrow Travels
  • Sky Walking Travels
  • Hot Balloon Travel Agency
  • Hold On Travel Agency
  • My Zen Travel Agency
  • Holland Travels
  • Road To Recovery Travelers
  • Jigsaw Traveling
  • Grove Traveling Agency
  • Night Sky Traveling Agency
  • Open Spaces Travel And Tours
  • Yolo! Travel
  • Gin And Gim Traveling
  • Thumbnail Traveling Agency
  • Kings Light Traveling Agency
  • God’s Light Travel Agency
  • Flow With Me Travel

Cute Travel Agency name ideas

You are going to start a travel agency and your target is the newlyweds and travellers looking for a quiet space.

Cute travel agency names usually target such a customer audience or someone looking for gullible and cute travel destinations.

Cute travel agency name ideas can also be creative with can be unique and it will help to attract a lot of customers.

Cute travel agency name ideas can be generated by thinking of all the possible things that are related to travel. It will not be a hard task to come up with a few travel agency names all you have to do is also put in a part of your personalized outlook of how you want your company to be presented.

  • Charm Travelers
  • The Rose Travel Agency
  • The Mini Travel Agency
  • Look Back Travel Agency
  • Creative Company Travel Agency
  • Dance Under The Sun Travel Agency
  • DTR Travel Agency
  • Under The Sky Travels
  • Be Part Of The Plan Travel Agency
  • Yearly Goals Travel And Tours
  • Happy Feet Traveling
  • Happy Sun Travel Agency
  • Subway Surfers Travel Agency
  • Paradise Tours And Travels
  • Minu Vogue Travel
  • Junk Medi Travel
  • Fx Travels
  • Just Done Traveling Agency
  • Hide Out Travel Agency
  • Hide Away Traveling
  • Rahe Tour’s And Travels
  • Wellness Tourism
  • Being Travel Agency
  • Earthy Travel Agency
  • Mature Travel Agency
  • Experience Explore Travel Agency
  • Explore Deep-Sea Traveling
  • Ocean Traveling
  • Baby Soft Travel
  • Jerry’s Travels
  • Vacation Casa Travels
  • Casa Blanca Travel Agency
  • Black Mama Tours And Travels
  • Black Mamba Tours And Travels
  • Night Armour Tours And Travels
  • Go! Gren Traveling Agency
  • Emo Go Travellers
  • Happy New Travels
  • Vacation Casa Traveling Agency
  • Beta Traveling Agency
  • Sweet Pea Traveling Agency
  • Behind The Waterfall Traveling Agency
  • Rare Travel Agency
  • Dim Traveling
  • Ferra Travel And Tours
  • Cira Travel Agency
  • Wild Stone Traveling Agency
  • Far Off Travelling
  • Mind-Blowing Travel Agency
  • Shine Voyage Travel Agency
  • Neal Travel Agency
  • Beyond Travel
  • Beauty Travel Agency
  • Gulmohar Traveling
  • Juhu Traveling Agency
  • Hold On Travel
  • Kitty Ko Travel Agency
  • The Big Celebration Traveling
  • Vacay Traveling
  • Vacation Casa Traveling
  • Setting Sun Travel
  • Boho Travel
  • Tera Maya Travel
  • SunBurn Traveling
  • Desperately Need Travel Agency
  • My Space Travel
  • Hugh Jackman Travel Agency
  • The Kingston Traveling Agency
  • Beta Traveling Agency
  • Firewood Traveling Agency
  • Small Bags Travel
  • Tracks Traveling Agency
  • Bb Traveling Agency
  • The Sharma’s Traveling Agency
  • Philadelphia Travel Agency
  • Side Locking Travel Agency
  • Girls Can Traveling Agency
  • Juhu Traveling Agency
  • Coco Travel
  • Travel With Buddy Traveling Agency

Fun Travel Agency Name Ideas

Fun travel agency names help to attract customers who are looking for something exciting and fun.

A set of people who are ready to take on adventure and are looking for travelling. The travel mode in this case is more towards the section that brings people out of their comfort zones.

Travelling agency name ideas can also help you become popular within a short period provided you have exceptional agency skills and your travel packages are exciting.

Below we have curated a list of fun travel agency name ideas to help you get started

  • Rebel Traveling Agency
  • Right Flight Traveling Agency
  • Soul Travelling Travels
  • Travel For The Soul Traveling
  • On The Go! Travel
  • Hop-On Creator’s Travel Agency
  • Create Travel Agency
  • Legends Travel And Tours
  • What’s Up! Time Traveling
  • Wave Board Travelling
  • Luke Me Travels
  • Take Me Away Travel
  • With You Traveling Agency
  • Draught Travel Co.
  • Mayfair London Travel Agency
  • Mayfair Hotel Mode Traveling
  • Bonda Traveling Agency
  • Honey Co. Traveling Agency
  • Baby Blue Travel
  • Lagoon Travellers
  • Jaguar Traveling
  • Panda Power Traveling
  • Horse Travel
  • Buttercup Travel
  • Youthful Traveling
  • Binding Traveling
  • Bonding Travel
  • Quill Traveling
  • Queens Chariot Travel
  • The PUMPKIN Co.
  • Meta Verse Travel
  • Coding Travel
  • Long Coat Travel Agency
  • Bucket List Traveling
  • Goals Traveling
  • Memory Travellers
  • Fond Memories Travellers
  • New Tours And Travels
  • See Ya! Tours And Travels
  • See Me! Travel Agency
  • Now You See Me, Traveling Agency
  • Truck Full Traveling Agency
  • Musical Travel Agency
  • Game And Fun Travel Agency
  • Lightweight Traveling
  • Easy Care Travel Travel
  • Underwater Travel
  • Wavelengths Traveling
  • Frequency Traveling
  • Goth Travel
  • Divinely Travel
  • Home Grown Travel
  • Junk It Travellers
  • Bottled Travellers
  • Bundled Traveling Agency
  • Huge Ship Travel
  • Twin City Centre Travel Space
  • City Vega Traveling
  • High Tide Travel
  • Low Key Travel
  • Prince And Or Travel

Important tips to keep in mind while naming a travel agency

Naming a travel agency can be a task as it is a competitive industry and there are so many travel agencies coming up.

You need to pick names accordingly because it is also very important that your agency stands out, it should signify that you are a travel agency and provide an exquisite travel experience.

Short and simple names work great!

Keep it short and simple if you want to attract the right set of customers, there’s nothing wrong with having a long name to your brand however people prefer mostly short names as it is easier to remember and also easier to approach.

Marketing research

Aggressive research is always good before you name your brand when it comes to a travelling agency because you would have an idea of what works and what does not.


Come up with many ideas and bring them to the table. Go through the list of Ideas all of the above and come up with a unique name because that would be something that can help you stand out and throw in a reflection of your identity as well so coming up with as many ideas as possible is the key

Domain Name

Make sure the domain name is available for you to do a lot of marketing and advertisement and also to register yourself as a travel agency.

Don’t copy names

Since you are starting a new travel agency, avoid copying names that are popular or doing well because they would just not work out for your brand.

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