Makeup Beauty Business Name Ideas 2022

Makeup Beauty Business Name Ideas 2022

The makeup beauty business is a very competitive industry, it is important that you have a catchy and appealing name to justify your business and attract more customers.

The makeup beauty business usually targets the section of the customers who deal more with everyday makeup or luxury makeup.

It has larger and wider customers across all sections of society. Depending on the type of name you can target the right set of customers therefore is that important that you come up with a standard name

The role that your name plays in your business is very important.

  • It is the first thing the customer will notice
  • Helps in establishing a Unique Identity
  • Your company name also decides the type of customers that you are going to attract for your business
  • Whether or not a customer can relate to it

Makeup beauty business name ideas

Luxurious makeup beauty business name ideas

Luxurious makeup beauty business name ideas are essential for targeting the set of customers which deal with niche brands.

If you want to establish yourself in the makeup beauty business industry, it is very important that you have the right business name to justify your brand.

Make sure your brand has a Unique Identity and characteristics which are top notch. What can better justify that, than a classic brand name.

Below we have curated a list of ideas of business names for you. This will help you come up with an awesome name for yourself.

  • La Bella Beauty Co.
  • My Treasured Company
  • Luxury And Skinn
  • Glide Glamour
  • Glass Skin
  • Starry Company
  • Beauty Me Co.
  • Hydro Infused Line
  • Skin Zone, Line Of Luxurious Makeup
  • Blush Beauty
  • Glam Glow
  • Fine Dazzle
  • Yolo Make Up
  • Beauty Parlour
  • Beauty Academy
  • The Shallow Style
  • Beet Root Magic
  • Aroma Tinge
  • Glow Gorgeous
  • Natural Blessed
  • Hidden Gem
  • Hidden Beauty
  • Brevet Company
  • Skin Flow Co.
  • The Little Girl Make Up
  • Shine Bright
  • Diamond Glow
  • Southern Cross
  • The Mix Story’
  • Grandma’s Magic
  • The Therapist Treat
  • Go Beyond
  • Daylight Beauty
  • After Hours
  • The 24 Hours Hydration Beauty Co.
  • Brown Sugar Shine
  • The Natural Bond
  • Biotin Enforcer
  • The Salisalic Fragrance
  • Pearl Stone
  • Pearl Shine Company
  • The Pearly Glow
  • Pearl White Flowers Company
  • The Rose Bowl Company
  • Hot And Sweet Company
  • Nd Caffeine
  • Gh Caffeine
  • Pl Skin Studio
  • Glow Gorgeous
  • The Pigment Collect Skin Company
  • Pigmentation Shine
  • Frekless Shine
  • Company Co
  • Sun Shine
  • Blue Glow
  • Silk Touch
  • Good Form
  • The Mella Bu Skin Company
  • The Verna Skin Studio
  • Xx Skin Make Up Collection
  • Blunt Make Up Co
  • Freshly Dew Make Up
  • First Look Makeup
  • Shine Struck Makeup
  • Dewy Cherry Makeup
  • The Fiona Makeup
  • Make-up by Lakers
  • Huntme make up
  • Findtime Makeup
  • Glowy In Make Up Company
  • Stunning Delighted
  • Baby soft makeUp
  • Nirvana Makeup

Organic make up beauty business name ideas

Organic makeup business name ideas help you to talk get the section of customers who are constantly searching for Organic products in the market

What you are targeting are customers who are looking for skin friendly products, therefore it is important the business name has similar attributes.

Organic makeup are usually skin friendly and are very mild and skin they have such elements which attract major customers who have sensitive skin both men and women so if your name is attractive and has a tone of organic it is definitely going to work great for your business

  • Scale Of Love Make Up
  • Frank Justin Make Up World
  • Billy’ And Flake Make Up Studio
  • Make Up By Rachel
  • Make Up By Alex
  • Make Up By Shan
  • Hydra Bomb Make Up
  • Green Tint Make Up
  • Rourke Beauty Co
  • Confidence Beauty
  • Bella Beast Co
  • The Beautiful One
  • Lady Love
  • Mera Top Notch Make Up
  • Make Up By Coco
  • Coca Butter Magic’
  • New Shine
  • Herb Rice Treatment
  • Natural Blessesd
  • Spring Day Make Up
  • Summer Soak In Company
  • Winter Spark Make Up Company
  • Origlam Make Up World
  • The Indecisive Make Up Company
  • 50 Voger Inspired
  • Rush Back
  • The Opponent Glam
  • The Bonita Beach Beauty
  • Silvia Make Up Company
  • Make Up By Rishan
  • 65 Seductive In
  • 30 Romantic Make Up Company
  • The Glide Glamour Runway
  • Runway Make Up Zone
  • Gritty Turt Make Up
  • Oblivion Make Up
  • The Rose Bowl Make Up
  • Pioneer Square Make Up
  • Seductive Style
  • The Seducy Make Up Company
  • The Seduce Er Make Up
  • Unconventional Beauty
  • Beauty Magic Skin
  • Shine On Me Make Up
  • Hit The Lights Make Up
  • Brozer Make Up
  • The Karl Make Up Company
  • Genia Make Up Square
  • The Sweet Potato
  • Brown Is Beautiful
  • All Skin Beauty
  • Happy Gene Make Up
  • The Express Store
  • Vivid Shine
  • Got Make Up Skin
  • Pathfire Make Up
  • The Running Shine Make Up World
  • The Tonique Make Up
  • Sugar And Spice Make Up
  • The Red Book Make Up
  • The Tell Tale Make Up
  • The Cindy’s Make Up
  • Cinderella Make Up Company
  • Disney Princess Make Up
  • Ariel Make Up Company
  • Underwater Aqua Shine
  • Rice Minerals Make Up
  • Beautiful Glam Glow Makeup
  • Poet Red Make Up Company
  • Let’s Run Make Up Company
  • Runaway Bride Company
  • The Three Musketeers
  • Kitty Co
  • Mini Co
  • Mighty Bean
  • Shimmering Delight
  • Golden Dew Make Up
  • Mellow Mood Make Up
  • Upload
  • Recycling Upcycled Make Up
  • Upcycled Skinn
  • Vintage Touch
  • Minimal Effort
  • Mini Zone
  • Wide Range Make Up
  • The Shine hub
  • Zone X make up
  • Bella Due
  • The Incense Skin Case

Short makeup company business name ideas

Why is it important to have a short and crisp name?

It is because that is the first thing the customer would remember while buying the product.

Research conducted shows that 60% of short names in terms of branding or businesses do very well. Therefore short business names are recommended and highly used in the fashion world.

Short names also help you get popular over time and also in a short span of time because of it being unique, approachable, relatable as customers will be able to relate to it easily.

  • Zen Make Up Company
  • The Ti Make Up Company
  • Zolo Make Up Company
  • Sky
  • Zina
  • France
  • Liberty Make Up Company
  • Freedom Make Up Company
  • Fragile
  • Make Up Delux
  • Make Up Delight
  • Night Sky Make Up
  • The Love Spark
  • The Little Kolar
  • Mighty Bean
  • Rose Island
  • Coconut Blessed
  • Franko Make Up World
  • The Unified Make Up
  • Glenn Make Up
  • The Pioneer Square
  • The Litty Devil Make Up Company
  • Hype Make Up
  • Doll Make Up
  • Face Shop
  • Little Miss
  • Bee Honey
  • Dress Up
  • The Face Bucket
  • The Mask It
  • Carry Me
  • Pick Me
  • Lash Shine
  • Pearl Anna Co.
  • The Version Jack
  • Mr Chings Make Up
  • The Glaze Of Summer
  • The Glaze
  • The Hot Glaze
  • The Warm Glaze
  • Bitter
  • Fancy Touch
  • Beyond Beautiful Make Up Company
  • Fx Makeup Company
  • Dx Makeup Company
  • Harry Make Up Company
  • The Golden String
  • The Golden Gleo
  • Glow Hour
  • Sunset Glam
  • The Rising Shine
  • Vic Makeup Company
  • Fella Make Up
  • Brilliant Make Up
  • Yo Kol Makeup
  • The Mighty Shine
  • Graphic Makeup
  • The Ninja Shine Makeup
  • Nimhans Makeup World
  • Vanity Makeup
  • Florence Makeup
  • Extraordinary Makeup
  • The Ordinary People Makeup
  • Makeup for Brown skin
  • Make up for Indian Skin
  • Diva Makeup
  • The night angel make-up
  • Beauty Verna Makeup Studio
  • Jill Make Up
  • The Mary Makeup
  • Hooded eye makeup
  • Rosy Cheek Makeup
  • Sensitive Delight Make-up

Important points to remember while naming a makeup business company

Short names work well

If you have a short name it there are 45% chances that you are going to be one of the recognized brands in the makeup industry. Major reason being people easily relate to short names but also if a product is promising.


Quotes role of brainstorming before you come up with the right name and pic that team has your company name because it is a major decision and a lot of aspects of the business depend on the name of a company

Domain Name

Make sure the name that you select has a domain name available.

This is often an ignored point but just so you know it is a really important criteria while selecting a business name as the marketing and businessdentity depends on it.

Glamour industry

Remember this is a glamour industry and glamorous things are always highlighted in the makeup world, so if you want your business to outshine yours better be good.

Relevance in branding

It is important that the business name correlates with the products that your celery if your product looks and appeals to a different set of customers and you have named it with a different category, it is definitely going to confuse the customers