Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Clothing Brand Name Ideas

You are starting a new clothing brand and that requires a quick quirky and catchy name. It is very important that your brand name standard be unique and also it should be relatable to the customer so that they can relate to it and remember the brand name as it stands on top of their mind.

With a number of clothing brands coming up these days it is hard to come up with a catchy clothing brand name and it is therefore very important that we brainstorm before we kick start the company. It is important to turn heads and make sure your branding is the first clothing brand that will come to mind when they shop.

Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Catchy Luxurious clothing line brand names:

Catchy luxurious brands require catchy names, it works wonders if the brand names have a tinge of luxury and a drizzle of quirkiness in it. Although there are thousands of Luxurious clothing brands, How can yours be different and unique?

Below we have curated a list of catchy luxurious brand names, these can help you to kick-start your brainstorming session:

  • Infinite
  • Evolve Designers
  • Trendsetters
  • Elegant Apparels
  • Crafting Boutique
  • Modern Women’s Choice
  • Modern Man’s Choice
  • Business Suits For Achievers
  • Luxurious Clothing
  • It’s Just Luxury
  • Fabric Delight
  • Your Choice
  • Stalk Me Up
  • Struck By Glamour
  • Tailor-Made Just For You
  • Touch Me Not
  • Fashion Queen
  • Gentleman’s Choice
  • Silk Your Re
  • The Locker Room
  • The Antique Art
  • Artistic Choice
  • Emeralds Clothing Store
  • Tortoise Shoppe
  • Glamour Wear
  • Khul Aesthetics
  • All About Me
  • Urban Zone
  • Chic Outlook
  • G Struck
  • Glam Doll
  • Bridal Delight
  • Walk With Me
  • Live In Legacy
  • Let The Sunshine
  • The Wardrobe Mafia
  • The Vanity Fair
  • Crafting affair
  • Let’s curve
  • Seasons out loud
  • Madly Esthetic
  • Vision arrow

Easy clothing line brand names:

Easy clothing line brand names can help you achieve by mass targeting the customers and keeping them engaged. Easy clothing line brand names can also help you get popular and at top of the list with minimal effort of course!

Having a unique, cool and sophisticated easy to remember brand name will definitely help you get a long way ahead of the game. Since everyone is looking forward to being the best in the business, it does get difficult and competitive.

The list below will help you start the process and we believe you can take it on from there and make your brand a success.

  • The Green Room
  • Bee Unique
  • All-In-One Fashion
  • Style States
  • Curvy Room
  • Let’s Roll
  • Squared Off
  • Fashion Norm
  • Its Fashion
  • Lx Closet
  • The Green Fair
  • Yello Likes
  • Stalk It Up
  • Let’s Talk Fashion
  • Style And Trick
  • Enrique You
  • Version Zero
  • White Line
  • Call Me Back
  • Express Oh
  • Statement Made
  • Vision Studios
  • Red Basket
  • The Cherry Store
  • Out Now
  • Hide Inside
  • Into You
  • Fashion Verve
  • Stressed
  • Let’s Talk
  • Crazy Hub
  • Downtown Area
  • The Pink Shop
  • Lala Glamour
  • Unique Styling
  • Step Out
  • Punk It
  • Glitter Glass Store
  • Bring My Fans
  • Get Game Strong
  • Fashion Walk
  • Store Junk
  • Walk Slowly
  • Catchy Cat
  • Let’s Roll
  • Fashion Game Up
  • Glamorous Diva
  • Fortunate Glam
  • Pricey
  • Happy Shopping
  • Take it Easy
  • Step into
  • Calm Down
  • Get Started
  • Let’s own it

Streetwear clothing line brand names:

One of the most popular clothing line brands in streetwear. Streetwear names should be catchy as well as easy to remember and should be relatable to the streets, to which people can associate.

Deciding on a brand name is very crucial and critical as it overlooks the brand identity and also defines the brand. Thus it is very important that you think of a name that you are associated with a brand twist and which will define what your brand stands for as the brand name is just an extension of what your brand is all about.

One of the highly competitive fashion clothing lines is streetwear because it is readily available and people can wear it every day and also people relate more to it as it is one of the most affordable yet chic looking clothing lines.

The following list can help you get some inspiration and help you extend a helping hand towards your street fashion retail store or brand online

  • Uptown Funk You
  • Glam Game
  • Ladies And Ladies
  • All Dressed Up
  • Boom And Go
  • Let’s Get On With It
  • Street Style Glam Up
  • Street Style
  • B Unique
  • Strong Desire
  • Dzire
  • Hurry!
  • Date Night
  • Let’s Get On
  • Game It
  • Perfect Fit
  • Don’t Tuck Me
  • Hite Tomorrow
  • Caramel Custard
  • Uniq
  • Doll Me Up
  • Let’s Do Desire
  • Competitive Re
  • Silver Lining
  • Goldmine
  • Street Game Strong
  • Zoom With Me
  • Chisel With Me
  • Let’s Lookup
  • What’s Cooking
  • I Heart You
  • Let’s Du Fashion
  • Fashion World
  • Claws It
  • Meow
  • Mini Store
  • The Cut Above
  • Mint Leaf
  • Black Glitter
  • My Song
  • Attire Store
  • Honey B
  • Bear Hug
  • You Know It
  • Downtown Superstar
  • Look At Me
  • Watch Me Go
  • Dive Into It
  • Chicago
  • He Caught That
  • She Knows
  • Queen Kazal

Important points to keep in mind while picking a clothing brand name:

  1. The brand name should be unique and must have a ring to it
  2. Brand names are an extension of your brand hence you should know the category of your clothing store before you start deciding on the name
  3. Take a note of the most popular brand names in the clothing business and take inspiration from it
  4. Your brand name should have a relatable aspect attached to it
  5. Research and thorough analysis of the market before deciding on your brand name is highly recommended